Can Models Have Tattoos?

//Can Models Have Tattoos?

This is a question that gets asked a lot by new models and people interested in starting out in the industry.  There was a time when models represented perfect humans with no blemishes or eyesores, but thankfully this stereotype is changing.

Now we have models in all shapes and sizes, and the industry is definitely changing for the better.

If we look at the practice objectively, models exist as props to sell products that they wear or present.  For this reason, clients do not want the models to compete for the audience’s attention.  The product is the star of the show, and the model is there to sell it.

For this reason, a large tattoo on a model will more often than not dissuade clients from choosing that particular model, as the focus will be on the tattoo more than the product.

However, a small tattoo on the wrist of a model may not be such a distraction, so clients and agencies will find this complementary to the end result.

We now have a lot of different channels that a model can go down when they are working, for example, there is alternative modelling work and even modelling work that may be keen to have tattooed models with big, prominent tattoos.

If you are already a model and you are considering a tattoo, try to remember that modelling careers are relatively short, and most models finish modelling by the time they are 30.

This leaves plenty of time to get tattooed after your modelling career is over, and it is not that much time to wait.

Tattoos are permanent, however laser removal is becoming a very viable option for a lot of people who may have had a tattoo that they are starting to regret, meaning that you can have old tattoos removed and still land modelling work.