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What Are The Varieties Of Asphalt Tarmac

Asphalt tarmac has been around for many decades, but it still remains one of the most used types of pavement on the world’s roads. This type of material is often used in construction of airports, parking lots, and surface roads. It has also been used in the construction of embankment dams. Cold mix asphalt Cold Mix Asphalt is a type of asphalt tarmac that’s made with recycled materials. It’s an ideal solution for pothole repairs, but it can also be used

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Tattoo Glasgow City For Working Professionals

After seeing the response from modelling agencies in regards to visible tattoos on peoples bodies, we wanted to see how well tattoos are being accepted in other places of work.  We will look at a brief history of tattoos on people and in the work place, as well as some real life examples of people who are happily employed even with tattoo Glasgow body art on them. A History of Tattoo Glasgow The first recorded history of a tattoo on a


Can Models Have Tattoos?

This is a question that gets asked a lot by new models and people interested in starting out in the industry.  There was a time when models represented perfect humans with no blemishes or eyesores, but thankfully this stereotype is changing. Now we have models in all shapes and sizes, and the industry is definitely changing for the better. If we look at the practice objectively, models exist as props to sell products that they wear or present.  For this reason,

Frida’s NYFW Streetstyle

New York Fashion Week is one of the biggest fashion events in the world! Not only do designers showcase the art they have been working on and setting the tone of style for the up and coming season, but fashion lovers and enthusiasts attend the shows and other fashion week events wearing their best glad rags…also known as Street Style. Frida, is a fashion communications graduate and now a full time social media influencer. She has been named an inspiration for

Featured Model: Vanesa Lorenzo

We LOVE her look! Vanesa’s wearing a pair of vintage frames from the ’50′s that she bought in a Madrid boutique called “THE THE”, Chanel boots, a vintage Dooney & Bourke purse from a flea market here in NYC, and a Banana Republic coat. Vanesa designed her very own clothing line (called Vanesa Lorenzo), launching FW 2012/2013– make sure to keep watch!


IMG @ FNO is the party of the YEAR! To celebrate the end of a tremendous New York Fashion Week we hosted an exclusive party at club FNO in downtown. All our models and talent from our agency will be celebrating all their hard work in the trendiest club in the city. Red carpet photos to follow…