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Tips For Starting Your Modelling Career

Professional Headshots If you’re applying for modeling jobs through online submission, it’s important to have a professional-looking headshot. This will show agencies that you are serious about your modelling career and have invested time in preparing yourself for success. Your professional modeling

Behind The Scenes Careers In Fashion

Product Development As the name suggests, product developers translate designer fashion concepts into saleable clothing and accessories. They are responsible for planning and developing fashion-focused products (like shoes, bags, lingerie, and apparel) within a fashion company that meet quality standards, as

man with black hair and shades and black casual clothes looking at the side on a black background

Mens Fashion in 2023

The past decade-plus has seen a sea change in suiting. From razor-sharp notch lapels to ultra-slim fits, the modern suit has become more of a statement than ever. It’s also become more comfortable to wear, thanks to the rise of casual