Behind The Scenes Careers In Fashion

//Behind The Scenes Careers In Fashion

Product Development

As the name suggests, product developers translate designer fashion concepts into saleable clothing and accessories. They are responsible for planning and developing fashion-focused products (like shoes, bags, lingerie, and apparel) within a fashion company that meet quality standards, as well as the design team’s aesthetic and market positioning. Sketching, tech packs, sourcing, analysing—it’s a demanding job that requires a good mix of creative and technical skills.

Visual Merchandiser

If you’ve ever been to a fashion store, you may have noticed the neatly curated product displays and aesthetically pleasing layouts. These are the work of a visual merchandiser, who optimizes retail spaces and products to attract shoppers and increase sales. The role involves a combination of art and science: visual merchandising is all about creating the right aesthetic for a brand to attract and engage customers, from window displays to store layouts.

Fashion Stylist

Whether you work with fashion, food, or commercial products, styling plays a massive role in bringing a creative concept to life. Stylists prepare clothing items by steaming, folding and placing SKUs to keep shoots organized and on track. They also work closely with models and ghost mannequins to create impactful visual representations of the product.

They are often responsible for sourcing high-end and high-street fashion to fulfill an art director’s vision on photoshoots or fashion editorials. They also need to be able to think quickly and solve problems as they arise on set, such as when a garment breaks or the model isn’t looking the right way.