IMG Models are lucky to have a large team of dedicated employees to help expand upon the growing list of talent and clients.


Central to IMG Models – the scouts travel the world and well as scour social media to recruit new and up and coming talent. Working closely with brands, they are able to understand what the clients and major brands are looking for in terms of models.

Event Managers

Our event managers are massively involved with fashion week. They will organise event crew ┬áto help prepare models and designers in their show. The ensure fashion week doesn’t clash with other major client campaigns as Fashion Week is where major designers and magazine editors will see the models.

Client Managers

These employees handle most bookings. Between magazine shoots, TV commercials and global ads, the client managers will ensure the models are at the right place at the right time – organising flights and hotels for the models. Another role of theirs.

Fashion Managers

The fashion managers have a large role within the business. Their main role is to manage the models looks. All hair style changes must go through the fashion managers first – as any changes could break the contract with some brands. For example if a model was hired based on her long wavy hair for a beachy, shampoo campaign and the model decides to cut their hair this could mean the model is fired and the reputation of IMG Models is at risk.