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Dental SEO Services Helping Models Everywhere

Many modelling agencies have strict criteria that they have for their models.  Not all agencies operate in this way, but the fact is that the majority of them do.  This makes it important to ensure that you tick all the boxes if you want to make it as a successful model.  Thankfully, commonly held beliefs of beauty and what makes a person beautiful are changing for the better, and now it may not always be necessary to have perfect teeth. Dental


Sustainability in The Fashion Industry

There have been an increasing number of people looking at the fashion industry and its impact on the environment. The global fashion industry is responsible for around 5% of all manmade greenhouse gases, and with that amount set to grow every year, people are concerned that the industry simply does not care. While fashion might not have the carbon reputation of big polluters like the oil industry, it is still contributing a huge chunk of the overall greenhouse gas emissions. In 2015

tattoo glasgow

Tattoo Glasgow City For Working Professionals

After seeing the response from modelling agencies in regards to visible tattoos on peoples bodies, we wanted to see how well tattoos are being accepted in other places of work.  We will look at a brief history of tattoos on people and in the work place, as well as some real life examples of people who are happily employed even with tattoo Glasgow body art on them. A History of Tattoo Glasgow The first recorded history of a tattoo on a

Cpanel hosting

A Guide To Cpanel Hosting For The Fashion Industry

Cpanel hosting within the fashion and modelling industry is becoming increasingly popular due to a surge in the number of models and agencies using this hosting service to promote themselves or their brand. Overall there are a wide range of reasons as to why this particular type of hosting is popular overall. What Is Cpanel Hosting? Cpanel hosting is a form of web hosting which is becoming increasingly popular amongst social circles within the fashion and modelling industries. This is because


Can Models Have Tattoos?

This is a question that gets asked a lot by new models and people interested in starting out in the industry.  There was a time when models represented perfect humans with no blemishes or eyesores, but thankfully this stereotype is changing. Now we have models in all shapes and sizes, and the industry is definitely changing for the better. If we look at the practice objectively, models exist as props to sell products that they wear or present.  For this reason,

Why Model Photographers Need Mini DV to DVD

If you are a live subject photographer such as a model photographer or lifestyle photographer, then the chances are you shoot on a digital medium.  Today the digital camera lets professionals do some pretty impressive things, both during the photo shoot and after words in post-production.  The power to see pictures live as you progress though a shoot is hugely valuable and can let you know how the pictures are turning out without waiting for the images to be developed. 

model photography

Getting Started With Model Photography

Getting your foot in the door as a fashion or portrait photographer can be a tricky business.  You can have all the best gear and great ideas, but if you don’t have any live subjects to shoot then you are going nowhere. The usual process for fashion photographers is to find subjects through modelling agencies, who deal with the casting process and get the right models to the photographer. These agencies can however be expensive, and if you are just starting out,

Damp Proof Course Benefits To Modelling Agencies

A modelling agency must be in the best condition possible otherwise they can easily see their business start to encounter negativity at the prospect of being able to hire elite models. Highly experienced and professional models will expect to have the best facilities laid out for them constantly, regardless of whether that is at the company’s offices or at photoshoots. Fortunately, the successful implementation of a damp-proof course can go a very long way to helping companies to achieve this.

Frida’s NYFW Streetstyle

New York Fashion Week is one of the biggest fashion events in the world! Not only do designers showcase the art they have been working on and setting the tone of style for the up and coming season, but fashion lovers and enthusiasts attend the shows and other fashion week events wearing their best glad rags…also known as Street Style. Frida, is a fashion communications graduate and now a full time social media influencer. She has been named an inspiration for

social media software

Instagram Bots are Changing The Game

Ever since the arrival of social media platforms, developers have been looking for new ways to speed up and maximise their activity and engagement.  Whether it is smart analysis tools for getting in depth metrics about how well your account is performing, or even hashtag tools that tell you trending hashtags and other information about hashtag use around the world.  There are quite literally hundreds of these tools out there, and we are going to give you a brief run