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2020 – Fashion’s Strangest Year

In the strangest of times, you may be forgiven for believing that the fall/winter 2020 fashion trends will be somewhat moot. This year, fashion in the autumn and winter has been all about a simple mix of modern and classic; sleek, but not too bulky; trendy, but not too edgy. Fashion in this season is about a fine balance of old and new; tailored to the needs of the individual; contemporary and classic. All things considered, fashion in the winter

vhs to dvd

VHS to DVD Conversion Photography

Photography and videography is at the heart of the modelling industry, and without this artform, we would not be able to do the things we do. For all the older photographers out there that have lived through the golden age of tapes and analogue photography, it can be a challenge to get your old media converted into nice new digital copies. Thankfully, there are a lot of VHS to DVD conversion services out there that will take your old


Becoming A Model

How to become a model has been an enigma for people who have been looking for answers to their prayers. There are those that have had the dream of being a modeling professional and still do not have the perfect body figure and face that they have always wanted. They are still struggling with trying to achieve that dream despite of having so much information on how to become a model. Well there is no need to worry as this

botox in glasgow

Botox In Glasgow For Older Models

Botox, a relatively new treatment, works by paralyzing muscle contractions through injection of a toxin into the muscle. This toxin is derived from the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum and is toxic to nervous cells. Botox (observed in Japan since 1930) is injected into muscle, typically in the facial muscles. Botulinum toxin paralyzes the muscle tissue by acting on the receptor protein channel gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Once a receptor for this toxin in the nerve becomes blocked, it stops sending messages from

We Buy Houses For Cash Claims

Recently we have seen alot of claims from companies that say we buy houses for cash. These are usually online companies that buy houses with their own funds, then either do up the property or sell it on. Our interest in this subject came about after one of our longstanding models had to sell her home due to the coronavirus. She said she had a nightmare with one of these companies, and we messed about for several weeks before


Tough Times For Models

It is tough times at the moment for everyone, but we wanted to shed some light on the struggling model community. The coronavirus has affected people from all walks of life and from every corner of the globe. Aside from the main worry of catching the disease, there are a whole host of things that people are concerned about at the moment, and rightly so. With millions of people either out of work or on paid leave, there is a huge hole in

Models Need Website Design Glasgow To Stand Out

Recently we have been focusing our efforts on trying to help up and coming models within the modelling community sell and promote themselves in an effective way.  Sometimes selling yourself can be tough, especially in an industry such as ours, where there are a lot of people what just want to talk about themselves until they are blue in the face.  Self-promotion is important, but it is equally important not to come across as a self-obsessed narcissist that only


Self-Promotion Tips For Models: Sell Yourself

Self-promotion is important, and if you’re not going to back yourself then who the hell is? The thing is, how do you go about it effectively without coming across as a complete asshole and alienate the very people your are trying to impress? Well the answer to this is, confidently and assuredly. People can spot fake confidence and blaggers a mile off, so you have to show off your genuine qualities in a way that comes across as authentic and relatable. There is a

Dental SEO Services Helping Models Everywhere

Many modelling agencies have strict criteria that they have for their models.  Not all agencies operate in this way, but the fact is that the majority of them do.  This makes it important to ensure that you tick all the boxes if you want to make it as a successful model.  Thankfully, commonly held beliefs of beauty and what makes a person beautiful are changing for the better, and now it may not always be necessary to have perfect teeth. Dental


Sustainability in The Fashion Industry

There have been an increasing number of people looking at the fashion industry and its impact on the environment. The global fashion industry is responsible for around 5% of all manmade greenhouse gases, and with that amount set to grow every year, people are concerned that the industry simply does not care. While fashion might not have the carbon reputation of big polluters like the oil industry, it is still contributing a huge chunk of the overall greenhouse gas emissions. In 2015