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Estate agencies play an essential role in home sales and purchases. They provide guidance and support to home buyers and sellers and connect them with legal and financial professionals.

There are many advantages to hiring an estate agent but also some disadvantages. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of them before you make a decision.


Estate agencies have many ways of reaching potential customers, from social media to search engine optimisation (SEO). Therefore, real estate agents’ marketing strategies must constantly evolve to remain competitive.

A robust and well-designed website is essential to any real estate agency’s online strategy. This needs to be easy to navigate, mobile-friendly and full of well-written content.

The right website can attract many visitors and convert them into leads. This means that your SEO should be focused on making your site the most relevant in terms of what your potential customers are looking for.


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Negotiations are a fundamental part of many real estate deals. They can help get the best price for a property and can benefit both parties involved in a sale.

In general, negotiations should be a mutually respectful process where both parties are interested in solving their problems. Accordingly, the terms and conditions of the negotiations should be designed to reflect these interests.

It is vital for real estate agencies in Glasgow to keep their negotiation skills sharp and to use them regularly. This can be achieved through seminars and classes and by interacting with mentors.


Viewings are an essential part of the process when looking to sell your property or a house you’re interested in. They give you a chance to see what potential your home has and decide whether or not it is worth buying.

Using an estate agency in Glasgow to conduct these viewings can be advantageous as they are seen as a neutral party. They can also help you answer any questions the potential buyer might have.

Many estate agents will offer accompanied viewings as an extra service at a small cost. These can be invaluable and help ensure everyone stays safe while viewing your home.


Contracts can be advantageous for an estate agency in Glasgow because they provide a clear set of expectations. They also protect them from investing a lot of time and effort before a buyer decides to work with a different agent.

Some contracts offer sole selling rights, meaning that if the estate agent introduces someone to purchase your property, they get a commission. This could happen months or even years after you terminate your contract.

Another type of contract is a joint agency agreement, which allows two agents to sell your property together. This can be useful if you use specialist and generalist agents to sell your property. However, it can be costly.


Estate agency fees, also known as real estate agent fees or commissions, are a form of compensation paid by the seller of a property to the listing agent. These fees help cover marketing and advertising costs, showing the property, negotiating offers and managing a transaction.

The estate agency industry is competitive, and it’s essential to be aware of the different types of fees and how they are determined. This can help you make an informed decision about which estate agent is right for you.

Traditionally, the estate agency fee is charged as a percentage of the home’s sale price. This can be advantageous for buyers, as it helps cover the cost of hiring a real estate agent.