Frida’s NYFW Streetstyle

//Frida’s NYFW Streetstyle

New York Fashion Week is one of the biggest fashion events in the world! Not only do designers showcase the art they have been working on and setting the tone of style for the up and coming season, but fashion lovers and enthusiasts attend the shows and other fashion week events wearing their best glad rags…also known as Street Style.

Frida, is a fashion communications graduate and now a full time social media influencer. She has been named an inspiration for global designers and has even been celebrated for her unique style in American Vogue by Anna Wintour after her appearance at Alexander Wang’s show in 2015.

In a recent interview she went in depth on her style evolution and what inspires her the most to dress the way she does.

What is interesting is her background in textiles. Growing up in a small village in Mexico she quickly had to learn the value of work. Having left school at 14 she went to work at a factory with her mother and grandmother spending 14 hours a day stitching clothing designs for a large American fashion brand. Having to work to put food on the table for her younger siblings sprouted a fire in her belly to give a better life to her younger brothers and disabled father. She made the painful decision to leave home and study in a community collage in Cancun ensuring she had enough qualifications to get accepted to collage. through a sponsorship programme, she eventually gained entry into Long Beach University studying fashion communication in 2011…just when social media began to take over our lives.

We obviously know the story from here..she graduates and becomes a social media superstar – earning enough money to move her family to California and providing a much better life for her younger brothers and disabled father.


In the interview Frida goes on to explain how she takes inspiration mainly from her Mexican roots and California beach style. Florals has a huge presence in Frida’s wardrobe along with textures of denim and linen.

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