Getting Started With Model Photography

//Getting Started With Model Photography
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Getting your foot in the door as a fashion or portrait photographer can be a tricky business.  You can have all the best gear and great ideas, but if you don’t have any live subjects to shoot then you are going nowhere.

The usual process for fashion photographers is to find subjects through modelling agencies, who deal with the casting process and get the right models to the photographer.

These agencies can however be expensive, and if you are just starting out, you may not have the experience or funds required.

If you need help getting models to shoot, we have some advice for aspiring photographers.

Search Facebook Groups

These groups can provide a great selection of models that are not tied to any agency and are generally freelancers.

Many agencies have strict regulations that they place on potential models, like height and weight, and they can also cost models to join initially.

Getting started in the photography world with a model from a Facebook could be what you need to propel yourself forward in the field.

Model Networking Sites

If you don’t want to use Facebook, then you could try one of the many model networking websites that are out there.

These usually offer a bit more information and professionalism than Facebook provides.

Two of the main sites are:

Ask Your Friends

Asking your friends to model for you might seem a bit strange, but the truth is that by working with your friends you are working with real people that have no modelling experience.

As well as being great practise, this is also a good challenge, as it can be tricky working with people who are not used to the process.

There is also a major shift away from perfect models towards real people who have stories and are relatable.