ASOS Launches New ‘See My Fit’ Tool

//ASOS Launches New ‘See My Fit’ Tool
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Asos is trailing a brand-new tool on its website called ‘See My Fit,’ which does exactly as it sounds.

It lets online shoppers see a simulated view of what a certain item of clothing will look like on various models of different sizes.

It comes as people are demanding more effort from fashion labels to showcase what their items of clothing will look like in the real world on the body types of individual consumers.

The tool uses custom augmented reality programming to digitally map the pieces of clothing onto the models, so that they appear as if they are real photographs.

The new tool has not even been live for very long, and already customers and influencers in the fashion realm are taking to social media by storm to praise Asos’ efforts.

People are saying that this should be the norm for online shopping, stating that this could completely revolutionise the online shopping experience as we know it.

An Asos spokes person has stated that they aim to run the trial tool on their website of at least six weeks.

After this initial trail run they are going to decide as to whether or not they will roll out the feature and make it permanent.

The trial run is relatively extensive, with over 800 selected dresses utilising the tool, and a choice of up to 16 models that all range from a size 4 to 18, with a hight difference of 5 foot 1 to 5 foot 9.

The technology has been praised for its ability to let the customers see a dress in a way that they can identify with, letting them choose products with more confidence.

This tool truly puts the power back into the hands of the consumer, and people are saying that this should be rolled out across online fashion retailers everywhere.