Self-Promotion Tips For Models: Sell Yourself

//Self-Promotion Tips For Models: Sell Yourself

Self-promotion is important, and if you’re not going to back yourself then who the hell is?

The thing is, how do you go about it effectively without coming across as a complete asshole and alienate the very people your are trying to impress?

Well the answer to this is, confidently and assuredly.

People can spot fake confidence and blaggers a mile off, so you have to show off your genuine qualities in a way that comes across as authentic and relatable.

There is a fine line between promoting and boasting, and many people walk it very carefully, while others fall prey to their own ego and end up coming across as self-obsessed and obnoxious.

So how do you make sure that you are on the right side of self-promotion when you are trying to secure that next modelling gig or get interest from booking agents and scouts?

We are going to give a brief run down of what we recon is the most important aspects of this behaviour.


This one can be tricky, but after a while you can get very good at both impressing the people around you and monitoring how you are coming across.  Be aware of how people are taking you in and what their impression is.  Remember everyone is different, so try to read your audience and tailor your approach on the fly.


Authentic gratitude can go a long way, especially when someone give you a compliment or recommendation.  Try to say thank you in a way that is not generic and overused.  You could say, ‘thank you, that is most kind.’


Don’t just fire off statistics and numbers at people, as very often without the proper context these are meaningless in themselves.  Try to tell the whole story, and make it engaging and entertaining, make a few jokes at your expense and connect with your listeners