Models Need Website Design Glasgow To Stand Out

Recently we have been focusing our efforts on trying to help up and coming models within the modelling community sell and promote themselves in an effective way.  Sometimes selling yourself can be tough, especially in an industry such as ours, where there are a lot of people what just want to talk about themselves until they are blue in the face.  Self-promotion is important, but it is equally important not to come across as a self-obsessed narcissist that only


Self-Promotion Tips For Models: Sell Yourself

Self-promotion is important, and if you’re not going to back yourself then who the hell is? The thing is, how do you go about it effectively without coming across as a complete asshole and alienate the very people your are trying to impress? Well the answer to this is, confidently and assuredly. People can spot fake confidence and blaggers a mile off, so you have to show off your genuine qualities in a way that comes across as authentic and relatable. There is a