Dental SEO Services Helping Models Everywhere

//Dental SEO Services Helping Models Everywhere

Many modelling agencies have strict criteria that they have for their models.  Not all agencies operate in this way, but the fact is that the majority of them do.  This makes it important to ensure that you tick all the boxes if you want to make it as a successful model.  Thankfully, commonly held beliefs of beauty and what makes a person beautiful are changing for the better, and now it may not always be necessary to have perfect teeth.

Dental SEO Services

Dental SEO Services Can Help Teeth Alignment

We all know how important it is to keep our teeth clean and healthy, so going to the dentist regularly is crucial to keep on top of your dental hygiene.  But it is also necessary to make sure the alignment of your teeth does not pose any problems.  For example, if you have an over bite or crooked teeth, you may need braces in order to straighten your teeth so that you do not have issues with eating and your jaw.  This is where dental SEO services can be incredibly useful for finding a dentist that can help, and since every case is different, it is worth hearing a second opinion on the matter to ensure that you get the best treatment.

Dental SEO Services

The Infamous Tooth Gap

At the start of the decade the tooth gap was perhaps one of the hottest modelling trends on the planet.  This catapulted lots of models into stardom because of their beautiful smiles and tooth gaps.  Many models have been featured on the front cover of big fashion magazines proudly showing off their tooth gap, which goes against previously held perceptions of what teeth should look like.

The trend has taken off so much that dentist surgeries are now getting a steady stream of requests for tooth gaps to be perfected or altered.  Many people have tooth gaps that are slightly too wide for their liking, or slightly misaligned.  Instead of having the gap completely closed up, they are asking for the gap to stay, but to be neatened up.  This has been referred to by many as the ‘London look,’ and is actually doing great things for body image and beauty perceptions.


How Far is Too Far?

So we can all agree that changing perceptions of beauty is a good thing in this instance, but what about when people go too far in trying to keep up with changing trends.  In the past, perfectly straight pearly whites was the accepted beauty standard when it came to teeth.  Many people have had teeth straightening done with braces and managed to straighten out their teeth so that they were nice and straight.  But now, many of these same people are going to their dentist and requesting that their teeth undergo further alteration so that they can have a tooth gap.  There is nothing wrong with their teeth, but in order to keep up with moving trends, they feel that they have to have teeth alteration.  This begs the question, what happens when the fashion moves back to straight teeth?