Why Invest in Reupholstery for Your Favourite Furniture?

//Why Invest in Reupholstery for Your Favourite Furniture?

Reupholstering your furniture can add a whole new look to it while restoring its quality. Older furniture has better quality padding that you can replace, reposition, or upgrade for comfort. Reupholstering can also increase the lifespan of your furniture, saving you money in the long run. Regardless of the reason, reupholstering is worth considering. Read on to discover the benefits of this service and how to choose the best upholstery in Edinburgh.

How To Choose The Right Upholstery Edinburgh

The upholstery Edinburgh can make your furniture more functional, apart from bringing back its main functionality. If you have an old sofa or suite that you don’t like, reupholstering will give it a new lease on life. You can choose a new fabric or swap the old fabric for a new one. A reupholsterer can also repair damaged frames that have weakened the fabric, reducing the chance of future rips or tears.



Reupholstering is the most affordable way to update your furniture. The modern look features crisp lines and cosy colours. For example, a velvet armchair can bring a cosy feel to a den, while a dark leather loveseat will ground an airy space. It can be difficult to find furniture that fits perfectly in your home, but investing in reupholstering can help you save a substantial amount on a new piece of furniture. Moreover, upholstery Edinburgh services can help you save money because you can choose a fabric that complements the colour of your home. Some fabrics are bold and look great on accent pieces, while others are made of more versatile and durable materials. Reupholstering allows you to save money on a new piece of furniture, and you’ll be proud to have reupholstery work completed on your home.

Another benefit of reupholstering is the increased life expectancy. Reupholstered furniture can last up to twenty or thirty years longer than store-bought mass-produced items. If you have older furniture with solid wood frames, it will be worth the investment. Compared to mass-produced pieces, reupholstery is more affordable, so it’s a great way to breathe new life into old and worn furniture.

When choosing fabric and quality, remember to check the condition of your existing furniture. If it’s made of plywood, it probably isn’t worth reupholstering. A solid wood frame, 8-way hand-tied coil springs, and integral legs will indicate quality. Make sure you check out the manufacturer’s warranty and reputation before deciding on a new fabric. If you’re unsure, try a few small alterations yourself to see how it goes.


living roomBut you should remember that the upholstery Edinburgh services are not cheap. It requires a skilled craftsman and new fillings and foams. However, it is worth investing in if you’re looking to restore old, expensive furniture. The most important benefit of reupholstering is the fact that it adds comfort and durability. So why not invest in reupholstering? The answer may surprise you! You’ll never know how much new life your furniture will get with new upholstery.

Final Words

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The world has become increasingly conscious of its environmental impact. Some even switch their energy supplier and use natural cleaning products. But how can you make your home more environmentally friendly? Well, you can start by recycling your furniture and investing in eco-friendly materials.  And remember, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune and make sure to choose a good upholstery Edinburgh service provider!