4 Main Types Of Modelling

//4 Main Types Of Modelling

Editorial Modelling

Editorial models are the models that you will often see in fashion magazines like Vogue. They often work for popular fashion designers and will be the first to model new and upcoming clothing lines for magazines. This type of modelling is extremely specific and models in this industry are often tall and slim.


Runway Modelling

These types of models are always extremely tall (over 5’9) and will showcase popular designer’s new clothing lines. This type of modelling has to be trained, as it desires a certain walk and attitude. Every designer may desire something different for the way their clothing is shown, therefore it can be a difficult type of modelling to get into.

Lingerie Modelling

These models will model lingerie and often swimwear. This will include posing for photoshoots in front of teams and photographers, as well as walking a catwalk for a new lingerie launch. This often requires a model portfolio. You can be slightly shorter to be a lingerie model, but many brands may differ in what they are looking for in waist and bust sizes.


Commercial Modelling

Commercial models are often seen in high street advertisements like ZARA campaigns and H&M ads. They are used to promote retail clothing lines to a specific target audience and this will include posing for photoshoots and being on TV, in magazines, social media posts etc.