Tough Times For Models

//Tough Times For Models

It is tough times at the moment for everyone, but we wanted to shed some light on the struggling model community.

The coronavirus has affected people from all walks of life and from every corner of the globe.

Aside from the main worry of catching the disease, there are a whole host of things that people are concerned about at the moment, and rightly so.

With millions of people either out of work or on paid leave, there is a huge hole in many people’s pockets at the moment.

Many people, including models, cannot work at the moment due to the lockdown situation that is currently underway in the UK as well as most other countries.

The financial uncertainty that the coronavirus has brought to the world is perhaps one the most concerning for most people.

Many people are struggling to pay rent and mortgage payments, which has led to people selling their home to downsize.

The government has also brought in regulations that mean that it is possible for mortgage providers to put payment holidays on mortgages during the lockdown period.

Many people are deciding to downsize their lifestyles, which means selling their car or even house.

In addition to this, people are also cutting back on spending so that they are able to stay financially viable throughout the outbreak.

This is not the only things that people are having to think about during these tough times.

Coronavirus has changed so many aspects of our everyday lives, from the way we eat to the way we socialise.

Obviously the biggest part of the lockdown measures is the social distancing aspect, which will no doubt mean that less people will catch the virus.

However it has meant that we have had to find new ways to communicate with family and friends.

Video conferencing use has gone through the roof because of this.