How to Build a Modeling Portfolio

//How to Build a Modeling Portfolio
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What does it really take to be a successful model? Common questions we receive is, what does it take to build a modelling portfolio. What do you need to have before trying to build a modelling portfolio, and what kind of photos do you need to have? How can models with bad portfolios show modelling headshot examples to prospective agencies?

When you are working as an independent model, you need to have the right equipment and a professional-looking portfolio to impress a potential client. You can try to convince a photographer to work with you by promising to take him or her on shoots if your career takes off.

When you are preparing your modelling portfolio, make sure you include headshots as part of your package. Most photographers only take photos of models who look like models. If you think you might fit into the category of models the photographer takes, it is important to include photos of you posing with other people, showing off your best features, or posing with a favourite item, something that makes you unique and adds character. A professional photographer will know how to set up a shot to show off your best features and the things that will interest potential agencies that would like to work with you.

The type of photography included in your portfolio should be high quality. Make sure the photos you provide are crisp, clean, and free of red flash or other unnecessary problems. You will also want to show photos from before the beginning of your career, as well as ones taken after multiple years of experience. It is always good to demonstrate a variety of angles to a photographer.

Some models offer their portfolios online and this allows potential clients to get a full-size version without having to email or fax anything to them. While this may be convenient, many models find it far more efficient and effective to send hard copy portfolios by mail. Photos that are sent by regular mail are also more likely to be returned and read.

modeling portfolio